Moving Difficulties: Moving With Children

Sooner or later, many families find themselves in the situation of having to change their residence. If a change of residence can be stressful for an adult, the experience can be even more traumatic for a child who may not have participated in the decision-making process and may not understand the reason for the change.

Making the decision to change residence

Children feel more at ease in a known and predictable environment, characterized by routine and familiarity. If you are planning to change your home, weigh the benefits of that change with the needs of a child such as a school and a social environment.

If your family life has recently experienced significant and traumatic change, such as divorce or death, it would probably be better to postpone the change of residence to give your child time to adjust to the new family situation.

Talk with your child about the transfer

Regardless of your particular circumstances, the best way to prepare your child for the move is to talk about it early and often. Answer all questions they ask with maximum sincerity and be receptive to their reactions, whether positive or negative. Even though the move represents a definite improvement in the family situation, your child may not see it, and instead of seeing the benefits from the change, they will focus on the negatives and how much you imposes change.

If your child fancy, let your child collaborate in the process of looking for a new home or a new school. They will feel they have a say in the family.

If you are going to move to another district within the same city, take your child to visit the new house (or see how it is constructed) and explore with your child the new neighborhood. If the distance is an impediment, give your child the best possible information about the new house, the city and state (or country) where they will move. Find out where you can practice your child’s favorite activities at the destination.

There are other difficulties a family will face during a move, that is why this website will deal with other challenges involved in moving. This site will also provide other tips, relevant information, and guidelines for moving. Feel free to let us know what you think through our contact us page.


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